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    Squat New York developed a brand identity for a modern Mediterranean restaurant in New York City, helmed by famed Israeli chef, Meir Adoni. The p… Read More
    Squat New York developed a brand identity for a modern Mediterranean restaurant in New York City, helmed by famed Israeli chef, Meir Adoni. The project encompassed everything from logo to menu design and interior decor. Read Less
November 20th, 2017

Nur, meaning “light” in Hebrew and “flame” in Arabic, is a brasserie-style restaurant led by famed Israeli chef, Meir Adoni. As Adoni’s first venture outside of Israel, Nur is his way of introducing the rich flavors of Middle-Eastern street food to the city’s upscale foodscape. Nur partnered with Squat New York to establish a brand that communicates their unique twist on Mediterranean cuisine.

Client: Nur
Project: Brand Identity, Interior Decor


The logotype is Nur’s first break from styles commonly used by more traditional Mediterranean restaurants. It acts as a personalized, calligraphic signature that can be completed in a single stroke. The fluidity creates a sense of continuity and growth, of consistent evolution. This concept is reflected in the way customers will experience the restaurant as well. It gives the impression that no visit will be the same -- that the flavors will continue to emerge and evolve, creating a new and improved version of Mediterranean cuisine. The letters themselves were curved and interlinked to create the image of waves: the “N” loops into the “U” which loops into the “R.” They mimic the natural flow and rhythm of the restaurant.

Color Palette

The color palette consists of various muted, neutral shades found in nature: white, cream, gray and green. They form a more modern collection of Mediterranean-inspired colors.

Restaurant Interior Design, Menus and Stationery

The menu boards and stationery sets were created with minimalistic versions of some of the more intricate designs featured on Mediterranean tiles and textiles. These designs were also implemented into the entire decor of the restaurant, including counter tops and furniture. Though simplified, the cultural and historical significance tied to the patterns remains. The fact that they have been used and developed continuously throughout time is a testament to their beauty and timelessness.

Visual Language

All print assets feature natural textures, such as different types of washed out wooden surfaces, cement and rubber, to tie everything together and convey the atmosphere of the restaurant. The use of clean lines in combination with the natural colors, textures and patterns not only celebrates simplicity. It essentially invites guests to focus more intently on their culinary experience and the artistry that goes into each dish.

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