Brand Values

The goal of rebranding was to bring the perception of the brand to consistency with the brand values, vision and policies. 
New Character and Face

One of the sides of working with Twosigmas is about getting new accuaintances, communication, and emotions. Twosigmas expands social circle of its teachers and students. The two faces show different characters, moods, emotions, being different, but connected and friendly.
Engaging, Emotional, Humane

To support Twosigmas approach to empower people to get more out of ther lifes, imagery mainly shows people in emotional, active situations. Twosigmas is about good life-work balance.
Guidelines & Documentation

We documented all the rules and recommendations regarding visual brand identity, including logo usage, imagery, composition principles and color palettes.
Structure Overhaul

We processed all the content from the previous version of the website, simplified it and built an information architecture, that would relate to a teacher’s expectations.
The Website

The website is a living structure. This is why we’ve created a dedicated place for documentation and design guides. As the website evolves the guides can be easily kept up to date.
Easy to Explore

Reveal all the information about the opportunity to work with twosigmas in a consistent manner. The website includes step-by-step guide how to apply and what will happen afterwards.
Mobile Version

From the small screen to the big, Twosigmas website is designed to work for everyone, everywhere, having the same flawless experience. Through all devices.
Interactive Whiteboard

Twosigmas Whiteboard is a core product, that facilitates seamless and easy distant learning. With all the tools that one might need, the Whiteboard is a perfect solution for teachers and students.
Online tutoring platform: Twosigmas