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Givenchy VR


Givenchy x VR

Reversal / Contrast / Mixed Match / VR & AR  

This product, which contains the charm of Givenchy, can experience both VR and AR simultaneously. 
Combining virtual reality and augmented reality allows you to enjoy content more realistically and 
look stylish when viewed from outside.

Modern Givenchy presents a contrasting element in terms of material, color, and product characteristics.
 For example, the material prepared for see-through and span, a intense color in a comfortable color,and linear shape in a streamlined shape etc.
 Givenchy's website also emphasized the contrast between the white colored background and the thin black colored frame.
So I went ahead and focused on this sort of contrast and mixing match.
Shape: Asymmetric form, Enclosing form
Material: Leather, Metal, Fluorescent plastic, Fabric
Color: PANTONE Black C, PANTONE Blue Aster, PANTONE True Red, PANTONE Freesia
There is a type 2 that gives you more natural like glasses.
If the VR lens is raised, it is only available for AR.

I considered changing the accessibility options while experiencing content, gaming, and training.

VR does not see the presence of an actual environment in use. If you can't see ahead, people feel anxiety and fear. Also, most of the present VR attempts to solve the problem by simply raising the lens, which is inconvenient to wear and remove.
PDF HAUS is a practical product design educational institution situated in Korea.
PDF HAUS, which started from a designer community called PDF (Product Designer's Forum), was able to sense the difficulties that students, designer-to-be or new designers, or other non-majors interested in design are going through, and the passion in them.
So, This led to the project PDF HAUS.
 Just like the name Product Designer’s Forum, experienced designers take part in projects of practical designs through their know-hows and advice. For quenching thirst of design to People of diverse fields, we are trying to educate "designing for practical design."
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Givenchy VR

Givenchy VR

What would happen if Givenchy designed VR?