Señor headquarters

Interior Design

Señor is an award-winning Croatian advertising agency. The basic concept of the new office was to create different areas in the space in which the creative and casual moments of the agency's everyday life take place. In a spacious apartment of Lustig Building in centre of Zagreb, created by the famous Croatian architect Viktor Kovačić, several interesting spatial units were created, while respecting the essence of an early 20th century bourgeois apartment. 
Work assignments in the office change throughout the day, so there is a need for different working zones. The types of workspace are indicated by color. Each of the rooms for desk work is detached with a clear border: white is the 'classic' computer work area (light: Flos 265 and custom made Vertigo bird Slim too long lamps), while the niche is pink, inspired by Señor's color palette. The cozy niches are furnished with sofas and Rex Kralj armchairs for more relaxed work and creative meetings. The boundary between the two zones (two colors) is an enfilade, a typical element of a bourgeois dwelling, extended to infinity by the incorporation of mirrors on the opposing sides.

Instead of an ordinary conference room for presentations, we have designed (in just a few square meters) a tiny cinema called Señor Miniplex Cinema. The elements of cinema are applied in reduced forms: red curtains, cinema armchairs and a black carpet on the floor.
There are some unconventional areas in the office, too. A monochromatic blue room covered in fluffy tapestry from floor to ceiling is an additional space for 'different' work. It has been designed for individual work, small meetings, Skype calls or a simple rest. Its alternative purpose is that it comes in handy as a large hidden storage area for office supplies.
In Señor we believe that an amusing and stimulating environment plays a role in the creative process. Also, a good style will always be immune to changes in trends. The philosophy of effectiveness and the creation of new and innovative solutions, which is a kind of a spiritus movens of our agency, had to be visible in the decor. We don’t like to play it safe, so we tried to create a functional space that has interesting architectural solutions. It reminds us that creativity thrives in different fields of human creation, not just the advertising.
Señor headquarters