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Illustration for Churches I

Conceptual Illustration for Churches
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Visually interpreting concepts from the Bible,
to help churches connect with a visual culture.

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The Apostle Paul shows us what's possible with a life totally surrendered to God.
If we trust in God and do what he wants us to do, he can use even the worst situations to transform us for our good.
Surprising stories of people who, like the prodigal son,
experienced mercy, blessing, and kindness instead of justice and punishment.
Learning to number our days correctly to make the most of the time God gives us.
How can leaders and followers best work together to accomplish their goals?
God provides hope as we rely on Him to bring change.  It’s not too late to begin again!
We are invited into a deeper kind of life with God. Will we enter or remain outside?
Getting unstuck from crippling emotions, and moving forward in faith.
Testing contemporary myths with wisdom from the Bible.
What can truly satisfy us in life? It's not what we often think.
Facing a blizzard of doubts and questions and learning to keep moving in obedience.
Practical help for life's most pressure-packed situations, from the Book of James.
As we pray more bold and specific prayers, we can expect to see God's power at work.
The wise man builds his house upon the solid rock of Christ's teaching.
 Jesus invites us into a new way of living - foreign to our way of thinking,
but ultimately safer than the life we're comfortable with.
A look at Biblical attitudes and values that enable us to thrive in our relationships.
"For we walk by faith, not by sight." - 2 Corinthians 5:7
Seeking God's priorities for each day.
Living a life of deep convictions and purpose.

Jesus asks his disciple to take up the cross, deny himself, and follow after him.
Christ's rule will be unlike any other.
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Illustration for Churches I


Illustration for Churches I

Visually interpreting concepts from the Bible, to help churches connect with a visual culture.