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    Scenes that I captured of the people waiting for the Pope to appear, as part of my Rome collection of pictures.
I was visiting the Vatican City as part of my trip's programme, and had a chance to be part of the mass of people who were waiting eagerly for the Pope to appear, to deliver his weekly Sunday Mass. Although I'm not of that particular religious belief, but what amazes me is the sense of enthusiasm and eagerness that these audiences demonstrate as they waited patiently for him to appear. In fact I had a sense that this was very much akin to how fans of pop stars would be like, although this is somewhat a more sombre, and definitely a more well-behaved group. More than about capturing the Pope himself, what follows are photos of this audience. Somehow the idea of these people waiting eagerly just piqued my imagination and curiousity. Here are the visuals.

Irfan Darian
The window where the Pope was going to appear is on the top row and second from the right, on the foreground side of the building, where the small little flag-like cloth appears.
Love how the pigeons just swooped down occasionally amongst the audiences. Pretty brave birds I must say.
More members of the audience starting to gather. Although not apparent in the picture, but security was indeed tight, with police everywhere!
Positioning himself on a higher ground, for a better view of the entire scene.