Background: In Nicaragua the word boxing is synonymous with fanaticism, people are really lovers of this sport. Today, the country has a representative figure and official face of Nicaraguan boxing, "El Chocolatito González"

Idea: Many of the fights are made outside Nicaragua, so we decided to gather all the support of a whole country and show it in an emotional way. We created a landing page where the Nicaraguans could write their motivation phrases to the Chocolatito, these phrases were used and printed in the bandages that he used in the stellar fight.

" The fists of a whole country".

VP Creativo: Pablo Mayoral.
Director Creativo: Ariel Pino, Marvin Coleman.
Director Digital: Luis Karlos Morazan.
Director de Arte: Santiago Pazmiño Crespo
Cuentas: Stephanie Flores
Productora: Mosaico
Los Puños de todo un País