Rebranding // 2017

Eventpic is a mobile application specially created to enhance the experience of any event. From the lens of all the guests, it offers a perspective of the entire event, in a unique, completely safe and private experience. Through the application, the guests at the event take the photographic records and these are shared live on a screen and the hosts have access to all the photos in a safe and restricted space.

Inspirina was invited to renew the brand's graphic identity, and the result was a cleaner and clearer image. We chose to create a simple and intuitive identity, since its applicability would primarily be directed to mobile devices. The choice of blue as the main color, reflects the idea of ​​sharing, with the symbol representing the shutter of the camera. We develop all graphic identity and communication media, and renew the image of the application as well as the entire user experience of the application.

We also created the slogan for the brand, refleting the process in the use of the app: "Shoot. Share. Save."