Glamorous Tendency 
Rebranding // 2017

Inserted in Solinca Club Health & Fitness, Glamorous Tendency is a health care space, beauty and wellness with several services. In 2016 they started in small steps, and soon got in one of the major health club centers in Portugal. The business needed to communicate in a more clean way, because the Solinca Group has is own identity, and there was the risk of creating some confusion.

So, they asked Inspirina to create the new identity. Our option was to create a monogram, with the overlapping of the letters "G" and "T", creating a simple symbol that was easily recognized and that contrasted with the existing communication in the Solinca centers. The color palette also followed the same purpose, with the choice of green, color of nature and ideal for wellness services, and gold, related to the prosperity and quality.

The graphic identity would be used not only in all traditional and digital communications media, as would be the basis for creating a line of customized products.