OPTA - Oporto Thinkers Academy
Rebranding // 2017

OPTA is a collaborative project dedicated to training and consulting / mentoring in the areas of Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Through the Design Thinking approach encourages the individual and collective change, developing and facilitating co-created training programs for companies and work teams in the organizational universe. Organizes and conducts immersive Design Thinking workshops, applied to case studies by area of activity, in short-medium duration for Students, Entrepreneurs and the general public.

By the end of 2016, they needed to shift the brand, and Inspirina was the agency to do it. 
The challenge began with the name. When they started the project, the name was Porto Design Thinking Academy, a name that was too long, and that set the business on the theme of Design Thinking and restricted to the Porto area. The change would have to start here, and once the business object is to promote change, the idea of ​​"option" came up quickly. 

Inspired by the railroad tracks and the "option" key on the keyboard, we developed a symbol that reflected these ideas, and reduced the name to OPTA, removing the "design" of the equation but keeping the roots in Porto. The color palette focus on the blue, symbol of confidence and intelligence, and yellow, symbolizing creativity and optimism. The result allowed the brand to position itself in the market in a renewed way and more according to the business model. The change of name also allowed us to create a series of messages, where the "option" to grow, improve and innovate passes in a clearer way, and complements the entire graphic identity. We develop all communication media as well as digital presentations, stationary and banners for social networks.