The project

Sky and Publicis Italia came up with a viral campaign against spoiler before the launch of the third season of Gomorrah. The idea is simple: the main characters of the serie belonging to different clans team up together to fight spoilers. 

We designed an experience for both desktop and mobile where users can select one of their favourite character to send a warning message and, with few quick easy steps, jump on one of the video specially shot where the characters threateningly “invite” people to not spoil tv series. All the website has been developed with both attention on cool effects such as parallax, animations and transitions and a smooth experience optimized for all the latest devices.
All the contents (video, cinemagraphs and photos) have been shot with the actors specially for the Spoiler Killer project. We also produced all the sound fx to enhance the experience.

The result is an engaging experience where fans of the serie can easily recognize the Gomorra world, choose their favourite series and share on social media to let their friends know to spoil at their own risk. The project was really successful collecting thousands of shares across social media.


What we wanted to achieve for the website was clear to us from the very beginning:
we wanted to create a Gomorrah-like environment where the user could experience the mood
of the TV Show and where the characters belonged perfectly to the scene. 

Publicis Italia
CEO Publicis Italia & Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Associate Creative Directors: Bruno Vohwinkel, Aureliano Fontana
Associate Creative Directors: Eddy Guimaraes, Vinicius Dalvi
Digital Creative Directors: Michele Picci, Massimo Guerci
Art Director / Senior Copywriter: Giulia Di Filippo, Sara Rosset
Client Service Director: Lorenza Montorfano
Account Director: Tiziana Paduanelli
Account Supervisor : Irene Bassani
TV Producer: Matilde Bonanni
Head of TV production: Silvia Cattaneo
Digital Project Manager: Vittorio Cafiero
Social Media Manager: Filippo Festuccia

Think | Cattleya

Regia: Claudio Cupellini
Dop: Luca Nervegna
Editor: Marcello Saurino
Mix: hb23 Jean-Christophe Sasalini
Grading: Flat Parioli  Andrea Baracca / Daniele Cipriani
PostProduzione: Flat Parioli
Ceo: Monica Riccioni
Producer: Cecilia Barberis / Martino Benvenuti
Digital Creative Producer: Francesco Bernabei
Digital Producer: Letizia di Battista
Digital Project Manager: Daiana Salucci
Senior Designer: Margherita Fortuna
Designer: Stella Grotti
Ux/UI: Marco Trevisani
Tech Lead: David Hartono / Neri Barnini
Sviluppatore: Ustym Ukhman
PostProduzione: Roberto Verdiani
Sound fx: Stefano Patrizio
QA: Stefano Innocenti
Gomorra Spoiler Killers

Gomorra Spoiler Killers

For the launch of the third season of Gomorrah we designed an experience for both desktop and mobile where users can select one of their favourit Read More