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    colourefull and cosy espresso cups
Spot of coffee
espresso cups

A hot cup of espresso is a special moment for coffee lovers.
As a container the cup is a very important part of the ritual, but it’s only a driver, never a part of the band.
By making the cups a more explicit part of the experience it adds to the moment from first touch. Bringing the coffee closer by accentuating the vessel the cup let your fingers share the front row with your taste buds.
The cups, made from porcelain, have small, flock-covered grooves for your fingers, making them inviting and fun for both your eyes and fingers. Flock is a layer of fabric, very soft and intimate to the touch, doubles as thermal insulation.
Engage your senses and let your fingers enjoy the touch of hot coffee while putting the spot in “a spot of coffee”.
The prototype was made at Kahla Porzellan GmbH, Kahla, Germany, during Kahla Kreativ Workshop in 2010. The special Flock cover for insolation is Kahla's special secret.
 peek in the prototyping process