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    Graphic design magazine with a special focus on packaging design
novum 12.17 »packaging«

Our December issue boasts a more than spectacular cover, one that appeals to all the senses and can transform into a three-dimensional object. Some of the work on this cover has even been done by hand. We´ve got punching, embossing, five special colours, varnish and hot-foil stamping – all on Colorplan in the world´s favourite colour.
This unusual creation is the result of a cooperation between a number of specialists. After all, the focus in novum+ this month is on sophisticated packaging solutions. Among the other delights in store for readers are an interview with Foundland, a design collective that addresses current social trends, and our traditional Prize Christmas Draw, which is at the same time a useful collection of gift ideas for designers.

All this and more awaits in this issue of novum!

The cover
The term multisensorics is on everybody´s lips – and this issue of novum presents a shining example of how to appeal to as many senses as possible. Marc Clormann and his international multi-award-winning studio is behind the design of this Russian-doll-like cover. What you have here is like a set of five nesting dolls, each symbolising one or several senses. Supported by different finishes, implemented by Egger Druck, a specialist in high-quality print productions, this cover is an interactive experience that develops finally into a three-dimensional object. The basis for this amazingly complex and high-tech cover, which also involved hand-craft production techniques, is offered by Colorplan from G.F Smith (sales: Römerturm). The colour chosen was the world’s most popular colour: Marrs Green. This shade was identified in an online survey and named after Annie Marrs, a UNESCO employee from Dundee, who had selected precisely this colour. Click here for an interview on the results of the survey.

The finishing
As well as the punching, our »Russian-dolls« also feature four special colours, embossing, scented varnish and innovative stamping foils from Kurz which lend both a haptic and a visual dimension. We used the charming »Colambo Text & Cover« paper (Römerturm): The silk-matte surface was the perfect 250 gsm sparring partner for the different finishes…. after all each of the five protagonists are themselves highly individual. In particular the diverse hot-foil stamping foils from Kurz were able to demonstrate their real potential here – an attractive light copper (Luxor MTC 355) vies here wonderfully with a diffractive foil (LightLine SB Neon Seamless) for attention.

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Cover design 

Outside cover: Colorplan Marrs Green in 350 gsm by G. F. Smith, sales Römerturm
Inside cover: Colombo Text & Cover in 250 gsm by Römerturm

Cover printing and print finishing 

Offset printing (inside pages)

Tobias Holzmann, www.tobiasholzmann.de