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TAKAVA coffee buffet. - The coffee bar interior
Interior Design
TAKAVA coffee buffet

location: Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 43/16, Kiev, Ukraine
function: coffee bar interior
area: 70 m2
status: realization 2017
designers: Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin - head designers of the studio YUDIN Design
graphic designer: Vladimir Yudin
photo: Sergey Savchenko

TAKAVA is a two-story coffee-buffet in the center of Kiev. A modern café interior with traditional elements that spread the atmosphere of the Turkish coffee drink. The visitors are coming here to enjoy the harmony of communication with friends, looking out the window at the activity of the capital.
All brand book for the café was made by the studio YUDIN Design. The shape of the typical Turkish coffee pot inspired the designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin, as is also clearly expressed in the logo.
The café exterior is an important part of all the pleasant sensations that TAKAVA coffee-buffet gives to the guests. A huge window from floor to ceiling allows to feel the atmosphere of the city center. During the day, the coffee house clearly feels the rhythm in which Kiev lives, and in the evening the light inside the cafè combines with the street lighting. It was part of the conception of YUDIN Design - to make cozy café, but integrated in the location.

In the interior design an aged effect was intentionally created and repeated in the plaster on the walls made with the rough surface. This effect looks perfectly coherent with the brickwork, which covers a wall on both floors. The masonry is a contact element for all the natural materials used in the interior: copper, wood and metal, plus obviously the plants.

The Ukrainian designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin created two brands on design: YUDIN Design and YUDIN Product. The second company of the brothers is specialized in interior design items. This explains a presence of multiple authors products in the coffee house interior.

One of the most original interior item in TAKAVA coffee-buffet is the lamps made from real coffee pots, placed in the depth of the copper cezve, issuing a soft and diffused light. This idea is repeated in the every niche.
Furniture designed by Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin is comfortable and has an oriental style.

The designers of YUDIN Design studio envisaged the possibility to have a lovely time with a cup of coffee in any situation. So the café interior is organized in such a way as to receive pleasure from the coffee, alone or with friends.  
For the cafè interior the studio YUDIN Product designed the shelves from light wood. Thus the backlight, hidden in the depth, is also soft.
Designed by YUDIN Product, poufs and chairs are round and low, upholstered in a soft velours of different colors. In addition to the coffee brown color, there is both red and bright turquoise.

Instead of sofas, long rectangular poufs are placed here. Behind them were arranged high panels and upholstered with the same velours. Such furniture makes all café interior of TAKAVA coffee-buffet especially comfortable. 
WC room design continues also the general style of the café.

In all the café interior you feel the association with the principles of the coffee pot operation: brown and dark red colors, warm textures of copper, brick and wood. Everything is reminiscent of the philosophical beauty of the cezve, that cooked hundreds of cups of fragrant coffee.

For fans of music and art, a collection of vinyl and books was arranged in the niches. This creates in TAKAVA coffee-buffet a special domestic atmosphere, like getting to a friend with whom you like to share the best feelings about art.
The work of YUDIN Design studio in HoReCa is especial because it's not only about stylish design but also about soul. Fans of retro will appreciate the coffee machine Victoria Arduino - since 1905 this legendary equipment made the amazing coffee.
The café interior gives a beautiful overview of the city center. 
The shape of the poufs that was designed by YUDIN Product studio reminds that of the cezve. The symbol of the Turkish coffee pot became an important part of the interior decision from Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin.
In the evening time the café interior illuminates by a especial charm, that creates an effect of echo from the warm interior lighting and the night city.

The Eastern coffee ceremony is a well brewed drink, an excellent company and a leisurely conversation. The interior of TAKAVA coffee-buffet is more than nice for that.
What is not possible to find in the interior is the glossy surfaces. Everything here is made like a little bit old, like the old good copper for brewing coffee.
The lighting made from real coffee pots creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Its one of the most unforgettable ideas from the designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin for this café interior.

The concept of the brand and the interior of the café were made by YUDIN Design studio. The team of YUDIN Design is ready to propose you original ideas and speaks also English and Italian.

This café room has been designed to give maximum privacy to the customer, and is composed of comfortable velvet armchairs and different colored pillows.
Even the design of the coffee tables reminds the Turkish coffee pot, also called cezve.
Another view of the same room, with seats upholstered in velvet and particular coffee-pot shaped tables designed by YUDIN Design specialists.
All furniture in the coffee house was projected by YUDIN Design studio especially for this interior. This is ordinary for the designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin, that are sure - original interior items are a guarantee of the original interior design.
The beautiful retro coffee machines meet the guests when they arrive at TAKAVA coffee-buffet. The lamps made from coffee pot create a special atmosphere from the first minutes in this interior.

All image and elements of the brand TAKAVA coffee-buffet was created by YUDIN Design that made many successful projects in HoReCa.

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YUDIN Product
YUDIN Brothers - English and Italian speaking

TAKAVA coffee buffet. - The coffee bar interior

TAKAVA coffee buffet. - The coffee bar interior

The coffee bar interior from YUDIN Design studio in the modern style. Inspired by the traditional Turkish coffee culture and its famous typical p Read More