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    VRay and Octane in 3ds Max for Friendly Shade.
VRay and Octane in 3ds Max for Friendly Shade.

This materials are built using Friendly Shade textures scanned by Sebastian Zapata.
This presets are available to download together with the textures at www.friendlyshade.com

As you will see VRay (first 25) and Octane materials are quite different from each other, but the goal here was to create material presets and during my first early tests I've discovered quite soon that matching the 2 engine is possible but it requires very different settings.

The materials are rendered using the same light set up, single custom HDRI, and are all raw renders, using only the color correction tools available within each software.

This project made me appreciate even more the many features available in VRay that really helps when is time to push the physical behaviour and photorealism of the shaders.

Both materials looks great by them selves, but Octane limitations really stand out in a direct comparison.
Things like 8K texture limit, no glossy fresnel, no GGX (at the time this feature was not available), complete absence of real life camera parameters or the most basic color correction tools.
They sound like little things but in my opinion they do make a lot of difference, and to be honest, my life much easier.

What I wanted to achieve was a very balanced material preset that requires very little tweaking when using different texture sets, this was also possible thanks to the incredible quality of the maps created by Sebastian. All sets are extremely balanced and perfectly sharp.

Definitely the best texture maps I ever worked with.

Big thanks to Sebastian Zapata for the opportunity, I've learned a lot from this project.