Spring 2009

 Aztec Shops manages over a dozen franchised food vendors, serving over 15,000 students each day. We were losing sales to lower cost food retail outlets.  In order complete the value deals, many of the locations provided a value meal promotion, the $5 Meal Deal. 
Challenge: I was tasked with creating the marketing for these promotions. Although, we prepared many food promos before, this project was different due the amount of deals offered. In addition, for previous food promotions our established design style were to have product shoots. This would be time consuming and costly. 

Design Solution: I decided to create the promote with typography treatments. Each design is different based on the food vendor, however I created a consistant aesthetic by limiting colors and type faces, only three were used of the later. I was able to create 10 distinct designs expressin typographic flair.  
Summer 2009