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    A fun re-branding idea for the Fiat 500.
Copy: Logan Broger
Art (and some copy): Iva Jericevic

Selling a car seems like a difficult task. We test drove the Fiat 500 and had a feel for it like no other car. It was fun, adorable, and friendly. No car has currently positioned themselves solely on being friendly, and that's the route we decided to take. (Pun intended)
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Instead of a simple Facebook page, the Fiat 500 is a friend you can add. You can write on the wall, message Fiat, and post photos with it. The Fiat 500 would also post on people's walls for their birthday and provide excellent social media customer service.
At "test-drive" locations downtown, people could get into a Fiat 500 and drive through Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal via a projected image of Google Maps on a screen. The twist is that the projected downtown has been friendly-fied: colourful images and happy people wave at you as you drive by.
Google street view with the Fiat perspective
Speech bubble sun shields, letting the friendly Fiat say what is has to say
Our main ad is in the Applied Arts Student Awards issue for Nov/Dec 2013!