Once upon a time...

I just wanted to quickly make a cover image for my facebook page. After having some thoughts and rough concepts, I started photobashing, to see how it would look. The result seemed nice, so I decided to create a story around the empty landscape. Then I realized that one picture wasn't enough, so my idea of quick matte painting totally failed and now we have a series of three keyframes :) Hope you'll enjoy:
Thats it. 
Also, there is a gumroad for those, who interested in the step-by-step process pictures, original 4k size images or psd's.
This project helped me with achieving new skills and learning new software, especially for the 3d sculpting, shading and lighting. By the way, facebook page without new cover is here. Soon, I will make new posts there.

Some of the process images are displayed below:
and feel free to check my works at instagram page too :)