MyStay – Logo for hotel relationship platform
Creating MyStay – Logo for hotel relationship platform

Role: Designer
Year: 2017
1. Mindmap
I did interviews with stakeholders, asked them their personal values and what is their company vision and mission (not showed) and put every piece of information into the mind map.
2. Internal sketch process
I explored all possible ways and found solid ideas.
3. Final sketches for the assessment
After the second set of sketches were added, the client selected variant C: Flower with the key.
4. Pre-final vectors for the assessment
Typography was provisional at this point. Client selected the filled version.
5. Searching for the ideal typeface
Filson Soft was selected.
6. Final version of MyStay logo
With proper kerning, optical alignment and custom crossbar of letter "t". 
And as always. Thanks for watching.