Complete Rebranding Project
Electrician Contractor Company in Athens, Greece. 
Fandridis Electric was founded by Manolis Fandridis, a president of SEHEA, who is well known and respected for his job and his personality. The company's customers are mostly businesses, hotels. 

Since 2 companies owned by the same person merged, there was a need for rebranding and making two, once separate companies, feel cohesive. 
The logo had to look well on a wide range of appliances, such as documents, vinyl on cars, embroider on uniforms, advertisements on screen as well as printed. For the rebranding, the owner insisted on something simple, memorable and serious.
Fandridis Electric has 2 branches: Automation and Installation/Maintainance of electrical systems. Therefore, there was a need for cohesive but distinctive branding and marking for both sectors and the office of the company. These markings are used in emails and signatures.