Sightings. Vol.2/ Avistamientos. Vol.2
Avistamientos vol.2 

Segunda serie de 10 "Sightings" que se exhibió en el mes de junio en Darmstadt, Alemania, en la galería kunsthalle Darmstadt.

Lápiz sobre papel Fabiano Schizzi, impresión fotográfica y máquina de escribir sobre papel.

Espero que las disfruten.

Sightings vol.2

Second series of 10 "Sightings" that was exhibited in the month of June in Darmstadt, Germany in the gallery kunsthalle Darmstadt.

Pencil on Fabriano Schizzi  paper, photographic print and typewriter on paper.

I hope you enjoy them.

In 1974 the existence of an extraterrestrial contact cult called "the chosen ones" was known.

Emmett Jackson, a farmer native from Arkansas, has led the congregation since its inception, assuring that in December of 1977 all the firstborn of the cult would be chosen to be taken beyond the stars.

It is estimated that the group exceeded 800 active members, including 327 children of whom there is no record since 1977.

Emmett Jackson was arrested in 1978 on a conspiracy charge.

The authenticity of the photograph has never been verified.

Arkansas, United States.

The "Asteroid" project was an old military program that secretly developed hundreds of aircraft to shoot down UFOs in case of a possible threat to the earth.
The "Raven 1" was one of the few ships that qualified to be deployed on a test flight. Minutes after its takeoff, a missile of unknown origin instantly shot down the flying machine.
Data after the accident revealed that the missile was launched by a nearby missile base, not being notified of the air test.

Place: Classified
Date and time: Unknown.
The image shows a group of flying saucers floating over an Eskimo settlement at the northern end of the province of Quebec.
It is clearly perceived that one of the ships tries to land near a building. 

The reasons for the visit or its possible repercussions are still unknown.
No data is known of the person appearing in the photograph or the photographer.

Nuvavik, Canada
to. 17 m approx / b. Possible abduction system.
Dr. Wernher von Braun describes the Saturn Launch System to President John F. Kennedy during a visit to NASA's facilities at Cape Canaveral.

November 1963
Florida, United States.
About 25 workers claimed to see a metallic object crossing the sky at full speed over the city of Paris.
The workers participated in the early construction of the Eiffel Tower when they were surprised by the huge artifact.

1. Propeller.
2. Control cabin.
3. Right motor
4. Access door.
5. Flight stabilizer.
6. Lower right motor.

Paris, France.
January 28, 1887.
During a typical observation flight, the famous cartographer Azael Walk noticed that close to his balloon two diffuse presences crossed the sky using extremely accurate patterns.
The periscope he was carrying that day allowed him to describe the objects as "flying saucers."

Thomas Hayes, a young photographer who worked for Walk managed to capture an image during the first minutes of flight.
After the singular meeting Azael walk left the cartography to devote to explore the celestial machines. 

Walk was never able to observe any similar object again.

England, 1908
The photograph shows how a huge triangular object perches near a military plane that launches supplies to American soldiers during the "Junction City" operation.

There are 86 reports of soldiers who claimed to see various flying artifacts with a triangular appearance throughout the conflict.
Most of the testimonies were classified as effects of post-traumatic stress related to the experiences of war.

The ship "Monagas" was a Venezuelan oil tanker responsible for transporting the liquid through the Atlantic during the Second World War.
Having barely sailed from the coast he was attacked with torpedo fire, sinking rapidly into the depths of the sea.

Survivors of the crew reported that the torpedoes were launched by a species of giant whale that swam at extraordinary speeds.
97 of 112 crew members died in the attack.

a. OSNI (Unidentified Submarine Object).
b. Blue whale (30 m.).
A crowd of people gather outside the Coronet cinema to attend the premiere of "Star Wars" episode VI.
Hundreds of young people and adults camp for days to have a privileged place in the movie theaters.

Durango, Colorado
May 25, 1977.
09:26 a.m.
Annual celebration of the "Giant Rock" UFO Convention officiated in the vicinity of Giant Rock.

Thousands of people gather every year to discuss the existence of extraterrestrial beings, flying saucers, and close encounters.
It was reported the disappearance of 6 people during the event, as well as a series of collective faints among the crowd.

Mojave Desert
16:56 p.m.
Sightings. Vol.2/ Avistamientos. Vol.2

Sightings. Vol.2/ Avistamientos. Vol.2


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