Argentina Game Show Character & Mascot Design
A few months back I was hired by Argentina Game Show, a gaming and technology convention from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The task was to design a family of characters that would work as mascots for the event. This group of characters would represent the attending public, from the youngest children to the fathers and mothers themselves.
Gaming is a powerful experience. Players are challenged by puzzles and battles, often requiring a creative and dexterous input. They find themselves coursing through a stream of imaginary worlds and scenarios taking the identity of an idealized image of themselves. This avatar represents what the player aspires to be, in an almost cathartic way.
My proposal? Gamers and their avatars.
The basis of the project. A player holding his controller, guarded by his avatar. The avatar shares a sense of confidence with the player. One could say that there is a warrior within the player, in the same manner there is a player within the warrior.
First draft for the whole family, featuring a boy, a young woman, a man, a child and a woman.
There was no specific parentage at this point, except maybe for the man and the child, as suggested by the hands holding.
Second draft.
It was suggested by the client that the age gap should be clear, so one of the women should clearly be Mom.
I went forward and turned the older woman into a little girl. I also attached an alternative hairstyle for the Boy.
It was my idea to give different and inclusive looks for the characters. Also now every character is holding a game controller.
Third draft.
The thin woman from the first draft returned as Mom while a new character was proposed for the Little Girl.
Notice how in this two versions Dad has an alternative face. 
Final version.
Dad's face returned to the first draft and there were some minor changes to the Mom's clothing.
Also notice the change on the Little girl. Kiddo was intentionally designed with an undefined gender.
The symbols on each shirt were meant to link the characters to their avatars.
Boy's avatar, The Knight, representing fantasy battle games & RPGs.
Differences between the original and final versions: a cleaner look and the loss of the helmet.
Mom's avatar, Proxy, representing First Person Shooter, sci-fi & action games.
Features influences from the Fallout, Overwatch, Borderlands, Portal and Call of Duty games.
Dad's avatar, The Soccer Player, representing sports games.
Both versions vary significantly from one another, only maintaining Dad's features in some manner.
Little Girl's avatar, Little Witch, representing soft fantasy & magic.
This one's interesting, as it's the character that changed the most. Starting as the woman in the middle, meant to be the avatar of the long haired woman from the first draft, it turned into the alien as it was suggested one does not imagine oneself necessarily as similar looking nor even as a human. By this time, the woman had turned into the Little Girl, which led to the Avatar of the Little Witch.
Kiddo's avatar, The Waiter, representing puzzle and children's games.
This one remained largely unchanged. Only in the final color version it lost the clothing, to make it less waiter-like.
The mascot.
Additionally I was tasked with designing a mascot for the event, an animal of some kind, "from a cat to an octopus".
I chose an alpaca, trying to stay local. This was the first draft.
Feedback went on about how the pose was too stiff and the hair should be more fluffy.
The idea was to maintain the controller as the nexus between all characters.
Second draft.
"You went too far". "Less hair".
Final draft.
Final versions:
Texture detail.
I was also tasked with making the resources to animate the Boy.
The final line-up
Hope you like it :)