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This deck is inspired by Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, an amazing folk band from London, Ontario. The Polish frontwoman, Olenka Krakus, brings a touch of Eastern European sound to peaceful, gracious songs. Plus, her voice is incredible and her name is really badass. 
Original bird painting by artist Trevor Carter. Great work pal!
3D test, just for fun, as I did for the Scott Pilgrim Skateboard
Note that the color palette is about the same, as they will be part of a triptych.
"If fresh, interesting folk music moved units like bad pop does, Olenka Krakus and her bandmates would be zillionaires." 
- Hour Magazine
Here's my Photoshop editing, ready to print!
First layer of white! (Yes, Robocop is in the background)
Just colorin' ma birds
Lil' bit of BLACK
Black outline completed!
I had the chance to see the band last night in Québec City as part of their summer tour and I was -like everyone in the place- completely mesmerized by the heartfeltness of the songs. Olenka was simply lovely; we chatted for a while and she happily agreed to sign the deck for me. I discovered that her Autumn Lovers were as psyched by the board as she was, and they were pretty cheerful to be able to take a closer look at it. Besides making music, I learned that some of them actually had strong interests for visual design and even skateboarding, which was an amusing coincidence. Everyone had only good words about each other, Trevor, and me. These guys are as friendly, human and talented as one can be.
Merci Olenka