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    As part of our project i had to visit 5 different buildings and analyse and document those buildings through 5 minute sketching, exploring the ci… Read More
    As part of our project i had to visit 5 different buildings and analyse and document those buildings through 5 minute sketching, exploring the city, the body and the building. These are 4 of the buildings (UCL, CITY HALL, WAPPING PROJECT, THE CRYSTAL BUILDING). Out of the 5 we had to decide on which one we wanted to develop on and explore further. I chose the Unicorn Theatre and you can see my images, sketches and development at: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Unicorn-Theatre/5882205 Read Less
These are photographs of the City Hall.
I find it interesting that people including myself did and do not know that the city Hall can be accessed by the public, although parts of the building in private to the public. The city Hall is very appealing to the eye because of the use of glass exterior and the organic shape it consists of. The shape of the building is party influenced by its surroundings. The shape is not a perfect circle as it slightly tilts on its side, allowing the buildings on the background to also be seen. 

I felt that the City Hall felt a little cold visually (maybe because of the use of glass which made the exterior part of the interior and reflected what ever the weather was like), although there was a large amount of natural light coming through the window cladding. There are many patterns and textures in the interior and many of them are at large scale. With in the interior there are many shinny, sleek smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and mirrors. These surfaces creates a sense of tidiness relating back the function of the hall which is a place where big decisions in relation to the public. As a result having a place that has tidy and clean creates a sense of seriousness and business.  

Contrast of two different concrete surfaces indicating places to walk on and places to not and creating different textures.
The connections between the the organic flow of the surrounding elements of the City Hall and the buildings itself. Allowing a kind of rhythm to create a sense of harmony with in the busy area.
Similar organic flow repeated through the building within the walls floors and ceiling structures and also the exterior
The Organic pattern continues though out the interior of the building. Using curve for the interior elements. 
The area where you can see but can not touch (go in side)
A sense of movements
The hallways guiding people to which direction to go to and what paths to take.
Detail elements: minimal and repeating

Visually Refreshing inside and outside. Dramatic shapes and angles. Natural light comes easily because of the glass used all around the building. Joints are displayed on the exterior of the building. Reflects its surroundings.  

 Contrast of two different styles and time. Busy but composed well to create a balance of the contract. Every door opens to a surprise ( something that you didn't expect)

UCL School of History of Arts
Different identity. Contrast of old and new. Like the Wapping project the interior is a completely different and surprising aesthetics to the exterior. Very bright and colourful, which is a contract to the Unicorn theatre that is not so colourful but aimed at children and the UCL is very colourful but aimed at adults. A mixture of colours and angles creating space. he building is bursting with colours whilst the traditional exterior contains and tames it.