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    Recent work portfolio
Welcome to my porfolio,  sampling some of my recent work.
   This project was developed for a small home improvements business. It's markup leverages some of the new elements of HTML5 and CSS3 for content, structure and style.  It utilizes Modernizr, the Foundation grid framework, efficient javaScript and jQuery and media queries to achieve a clean example of modern Responsive Design.  The tabbed navigation utilizes CSS3 transforms for the beveled corner edges. In the web designs below, I may have included a so-called "above-the-fold" shot, just to give an idea of a general full-size initial page display.  
  I designed this company website  for Golden Retriever Errand Service.  It was originally developed under a short deadline, without responsive design in mind.  I have since been leveraging new web design ideas and technology such as Modernizr and a grid framework to update it. This design uses several interesting modals to convey information cleanly and concisely in the buttons near the bottom of the page.  It was a lot of work, but also a great learning experience, and implementing some new web technologies.

/*---- Under current homepage navigation redesign ---- */
  The Contact page offered me a chance to have fun implementing some of the new HTML5 and jQuery technologies in the form section.  This site currently being updated. The red button text is to indicate visited links.
 This is a design comp for the Two Sisters and a Mixer cake company, developed using Zurb's wonderful Foundation grid, with an Orbit Picture slider at the top, a Lightbox gallery for the cake images, as well as HTML5 and CSS3 elements and jQuery. I used the great tools by ColorZilla and Color Scheme Designer 3.  The navigation bars along the top and bottom use CSS3 transforms on the elements to give a cool rotation effect that downgrades nicely on touchscreens. 
  The following is a simple design for the Time for the Whirlwind band, a popular local jam band from the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  It uses a particularly interesting color theme inspired by the seaside and my lovely daughter (featured in the background photo taken by me). http://bit.ly/VMiYVJ
  "The Pound" is a WordPress blog I developed for GoldenRetrieverErrands.com utilizing the excellent JetPack and various other awesome plug-ins.
Thank you for taking the time to visit this sampling of my work. There will be further additions and updates soon.  I appreciate your appreciations!