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Archimedes—Digital and Analog Type Design

Font: HWT Archimedes Screw
A joint project between Virgin Wood Type, P22 Type Foundry, and Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Prominent wood type collector John Horn commissioned Geri McCormick of Virgin Wood Type to recreate a usable wood type version of “the font with the screws on it”, officially known as Page No. 122. When Virgin recreates a font, new patterns must be made from new drawings, so James Grieshaber at Virgin had to redraw it as vector art. Since the font was already underway in digital form, Richard Kegler at P22 Type Foundry thought it would be fitting to complete the digital version with all the requisites glyphs for a modern digital font, including full coverage of European accents and special characters. That prompted the addition of several screw styles for release as a new HWT digital font set.
Page No. 122 from the collection at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.
Stephanie Carpenter at Hamilton proofed the museum's wood version of Page No. 122 and sent it to James to reference for his drawings and fill out the complete digital font.
Customized arbor press made by Scott Moore.
As Virgin Wood Type commenced upon the recreation this font in its intended medium, wood, previously unencountered technical issues has to be addressed. The main unadorned font was no issue, it was the punching of the screw heads that provided a new challenge. Stamping onto the font in a consistent way was unexplored territory. Matt Reich, Virgin's main cutter and finisher, came up with the idea of using an arbor press. Scott Moore from Moore Wood Type decided to offered up a modified hand stamping press he had created to try to punch counters, and it worked like a charm. There are only a few wood type makers in the world, and they all compare notes to try and revive this lost art that is enjoying an enthusiastic revival in interest via digital fonts for designers, wood type fonts for letterpress printers, as well as many new books on the topic. The ingenuity of makers of the 19th Century still amaze 21st Century artisans who follow in their footsteps. 
Since there was the historical screw style and non-screw style, the next thought was—why a flat head screw only? HWT Archimedes digital version will allow you to change the screw heads to match your technical needs; Screw, Phillips, Hex, Star, or without.
The VWT Archimedes will allow you to print with ink on paper—press not included.
This joint effort between John Horn, Virgin Wood Type, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, and P22 Type Foundry results in both wood and digital versions of this classic wood type. They were released simultaneously in November 2017.
Archimedes—Digital and Analog Type Design

Archimedes—Digital and Analog Type Design

Archimedes is a wood type design revived and simultaneously released as a wood type font by Virgin Wood Type, and a digital version by P22 Type F Read More