_Deep Inside_ "Nichts als Sand"
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    Deep inside the cubs, short movie tracks reveal unsuspected sensitivness hidden beneath a leaky skin.
_Deep Inside_

    All who want to succumb to the adventure of allowing themselves to become conscious of their ‘Inside’ forcibly need an ‘Outside', a cortex which encloses everything and from where to undertake the immersion. The best method of exploration is undoubtedly - Dialectic. Whoever wants to know the ‘Inside’ starts their contemplation with the ‘Outside’. – in the shape of sheet metal, totally burned, overcooked, scored by multiple scars and wounds in the surface, I found  after a raging fire in my friend's terrace, the skin I needed.

A skin that inspired me to reveal everything hidden beneath it. The skin was dead, destroyed. Deep beneath a pile of ashes and deprived of its original function, transformed it now seemed useless. I ended up with a skin hardened by Thanatos himself.
Iron and concrete cubes, film projections inside.
_Deep Inside_, cube "Nichts als Sand"
Iron and concrete cube
Film projection
30 x 30 x 30 cm