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    Photography for Berlin restaurant Mine Wine.
Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!
Mine Wine restaurant. Berlin.
Photography for social content 

For the past 2 years a lot of my friends and people i don't know think i am a food photographer. 
At first, i was a bit disappointed, since i see myself as a branding and packaging designer, 
and then there is a photo and videography.

But when universe gave me a chance to #workandtravel, i really enjoyed being a photographer.​​​​​​​

This time i want to present you my latest work - Mine Wine restaurant in Berlin. This was one of my first experiences with studio light, so please be patient with my results... But i love them, this is very close to what i wanted to make for the long time.

I was lucky to have 3 different original surfaces to take photos with. 
I think it adds so much story to each dish. Sometimes i've shot the same dish on different backgrounds just to find out which one is better, but they all look good to me.

I always loved this kind of tables, when it really tells a story.

What i really like to take photos of - desserts. 
But i think you already understood that by my projects so far :)

One of great features of Mine Wine is the smallest wine bar in Berlin. Just take a look and tell me that you don't want to spend some time there. And i won't believe you :)

But what is really behind all these beauty? Not me with the camera, that's for sure. It's Mine Wine's team. Amazing, professional and so passionate about what they do!

Jerome restaurant. Saint Petersburg
Russian brother of Mine Wine

I know that maybe it's wrong to call them "brothers", but this restaurant is also a part of Probka Family chain. This is when my cooperation with this great team started. I was in St. Petersburg for 2 days and we decided to give it a try. And i loved the result!

Thank you for your attention (if you were so kind to scroll till the end)!

Mine Wine - minerestaurant.de/
Sergio Laskin - sergiolaskin.com

Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!