Re-design project was collabrative project between Monash and RMIT universities in 2007. The project was also a part of my tutors PHD research. I have been selected as one of the 5 students selected from Monash.

The aim of the project was to design products using components from existing products. We have been split up to 3 division. First division was going design new product from existing components and analyze the problems of the process. Second division was going to re-design components to make life easier for re-designers also give components a second lifetime. Finally, the third division was me and another friend. We had to create a system where people can share their components with each other. This system was going to be a prototype for a more complicated system that expected to take over when the system grows.

I ll talk about this system separately explaining its details what we have done at a separate project. After divisions completed their jobs as mentioned above every student had to go and design a product  that they need. I am allergic to dust so I have decided to design an air filter. and this is it...
One thing we were encouraged to was to promote rapid production techniques as the productions technique. which gave me a freedom to explore form and I took it...
I have decided to use static electricity to collect dust from air. To create static electricity I have used a pvc tube and a wool fabric. Wool fabric turns around the pvc tube and creates static electricity. When I first tried I thought static electricity created outside the tube would be effective on the inside since the air goes inside the tube but it did not. After a lot of experimenting I found out that when I drill holes on the tube static charge travels to the inner surface.

The components I have used are:

1-electric motor (from a printer)
2-used pvc tube
3-CPU fan (from a computer)
4-Wool Fabric