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Gratitude Log Covers
Hand-painted specialty journals for purpose of making magic !

♥ For effective manifestations of personal goals and desires
(For more information, please please contact
♥ Acid-free watercolour paper as journal covers; painted with hours of [water]colo[u]ring + water-resistant finish + sweet music + love
♥ Each journal cover is a master copy. No design shall be duplicated
♥ Highly durable thread sew scout books and notebooks that are compostable, bio-degradable, and all that eco-friendly sht

$ Prices vary according to material + design + time + effort 
$ Custom order service available
$ Worldwide shipping available

♥ Feel free to donate via Paypal to support! ♥
Photos here are arranged according to time of creation. 
More designs to come; stay tuned! 
For more information, please contact  
Yin Yang Fish (Classic)

A5 size
288 pages
Yin Yang Fish (Trip[py])

B6 size
48 pages
Psyched Yang Chilled Yin

B4 size
48 pages
Gratitude Log Covers