In my series of images, All at Once, I have used maps as a metaphor for constructed knowledge. Maps are useful tools that show us certain facts about the landscape we inhabit, but they also suggest how much we do not know. Following a map in an unfamiliar city, one soon realizes the wealth of detail missing from the map — colors of houses, graffiti on walls, people on the streets. For my images, I have taken found maps and distorted them by folding them into three-dimensional geometric forms, which become the subject of my photographs, scans, and photomontages.Through this manipulation, the maps fulfill their purpose as false prophets of certainty, while exposing the empty space around them that awaits exploration.
1. In the beginning
2. we beheld every
3. thing there was
4. to see in
5. the moment before
6. it all flew apart
7. like the perfect
8. globe of a
9. silver dandelion
10. blown into the wind