Xandor is a Boston-based DJ and aspiring electronic music producer. In early 2017 he approached me to help shape the identity of his music project.
^ Preview of Xandor's first single – "Craving For Your Love"

After several sessions of collaborative exploration we developed a primary logo, established guidelines for a consistent look-and-feel for artwork, photography and social media presence, and also created a secondary logo to brand Xandor's Xslay mixtape series.

Social media posts unveiling the new logo and featuring a snippet of Xandor's first single received hundreds of likes within the first 24 hours of posting, and have since surpassed well over 1000 views.

Xandor continues to play local venues and hopes to eventually move to the West Coast to follow his dreams and continue sharing his passion for electronic music with fans. He can be found online at:

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