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    Vladymyr Buryanov is a Las Vegas-based Ukrainian flair bartender, and one of the best in the world
Vladymyr Buryanov
World-class Flair Entertainment
The client wanted a brand makeover, something that he could relate to both on a personal and professional level.

We tackled the issue immediately and studied his motivation and passion for flair bartending. As his career progressed, he found that there was more to flair bartending than just complex moves and drink serving.
By infusing his skills with Passion and Showmanship, the Client found his true calling: Bar Entertainment.

We knew the naming had to be both straightforward and classy while at the same time strongly related to the flair bartending business; our Client's international expertise was one of the main things we took into account early on, and we put it all out there.

His flair isn't about showing off, it's about entertaining and making customers happy through his "Flair Entertainment" experience.

Another wonderful experience, another living brand.
Corporate colors
Our client wanted to be recognized as a high-quality international professional, so the color palette was aimed towards a “premium” concept but we also wanted it to answer to his cultural background (he’s Ukrainian), displaying a more eccentric, thrilling feel to it.
As for stationery elements, we wanted to make something cool with a nice “analog” touch. We came up with a nice little neon sky blue highlighter which the client can use at face-to-face meetings  :)
The website design was aimed to tackle three concepts which were far from one another: “finesse”, “neatness” and “vibrant”. Fortunately, the outcome was more than satisfying, as we managed to elaborate a slick design both compelling and exciting to navigate through. There are no loose ends.

Please visit www.vladymyrburyanov.com (For a better experience, view the site in fullscreen mode)
See ya soon on the next living brand :)