It was November 1993 when I met Peter Paul Koprowski.
We were both living in a small town called North Gower, south of Canada's capital, Ottawa. 
In fact we were next door neighbors. Fate was playing games the way fate does.
PPK was one of Canada's best composers. In my opinion, the best.
I heard his piece Ancestral Voices and it was love at first hearing.
This set of nine drawings is a tribute to his talent and my interpretation of how I "see" his music.
Poco a Poco Agitato e Animato - 1/9
Giocoso - 2/9
Piu Accelerato - 3/9
Impetuoso e Agitato - 4/9
Espressivo Legato - 5/9
Poco Meno Mosso 6/9
Sinister Energico - 7/9
Marcato - 8/9
Molto Agitato - 9/9