“Search geotagged tweets and gather the medias to analyze or organize for your own needs”

TweetVille is a result of a combined ideas: Quick overview, Tracking a part of the marketing data (consumers) & Organizing... and all of that collected quickly in the same place. Here it's not represented, but we also thought that it could be awesome to generate document (PDF) to share or print. So that your work or common data are gathered in the same file.

This App is not only for professional use but also for fun. Because you can ask yourself "Which city am I going to visit?" and on this case you will make some search and gather the medias on a new project that you created. You can call it Project or My stuff it doesn't matter because the idea is for multiple use.

This work cannot be used by anyone. This App will not be developed because it's a personal work done with @intheloopstudio. But if you are interested by developing it with us you can contact us :)

My name is Sidar Sahin, I live in Switzerland and I am a Visual and Interactive Designer.
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