“When designing an object, do you just create its ‘outline’, or do you try to make that ‘outline’ fit into the environment?”
— Naoto Fukasawa

Design a water bottle that fits into the daily routine like a jigsaw piece into a puzzle. Keep the design accessible by staying true to a functionalist vision, avoiding any unnecessary gimmicks.
Packaging concept.


Ideation is focused around one simple innovation: being able to open the bottle with one hand, thus allowing one hand to be free while opening, drinking and closing.

Multiple foam prototypes are made for testing ergonomics. A solid oak wood prototype is made to simulate the weight of a filled bottle.
Testing a filter that prevents small seeds or other unwanted stuff from getting in your mouth.
Optimize For Manufacturing

Visiting a moldmaker and manufacturing facility for evaluating producibility and costs.

Testing a 3D printed prototype in different environments.

Revolve Water Bottle by Stijn van Cuijk and Maarten Roos.
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