Colombia is rediscovering ways of nurture peace after 53 years of armed conflict.

This specialty coffee is produced by over 200 organized families from the mountainous regions of Paramillo and Cauca, who returned to their land after having been displaced by violence. In a country still divided between reconciliation efforts and persisting war structures, these coffee growers are now opening doors to ex-combatants striving to turn the pageย on war.

Challenges persists andย PASO Colombia, a program of One Earth Future Foundation, supports this community's efforts to reunite what wars has separated.

Learn more of their stories here.

Year: 2017

Creative Direction: David Espinosa
Art Direction: Mateo Rivano
Lettering - layout: David Espinosa
Illustrations: Mateo Rivano

Font: Woun-Iek
Cafรฉ Paz label