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Better Sleep with Mouth Tape
You probably know the fact that one should breathe from nose, but very few people would know its importance. In fact, I know many people who actually get a lot of their problems resolved when they start breathing from nose. One way of making it a habit is to tape the mouth while sleeping. You may be able to transform this habit of breathing from mouth into breathing from nose, but you will definitely find yourself powerless when it comes to breathing from nose while you sleep. This is the reason that doctors and dentists suggest nose breathing.

One of the greatest benefits of mouth tape is that it helps you to have a better sleep at night.
Why use mouth tape?

You may wonder if you can breathe after applying mouth tape. Well, you need to know the fact that nasal breathing is the right way to breathe. Mouth is designed to support eating while nose is what to be used for breathing. Nevertheless, the way we live now has made this major difference go away. Now we use mouth for both eating and breathing.
One thing worth mentioning here is the importance of nitric oxide for the body. There are a lot of benefits related to nitric oxide. But it is produced in abundance when we breathe from nose. When you breathe from your mouth, you will surely run short of nitric oxide.
When you breathe from your nose while sleeping, you get several benefits, such as:

  1. You will feel rested after waking up.
  2. You will not have the problem of high blood pressure
  3. Reduced stress and anxiety
  4. Better concentration and memory
  5. Relief in headache and other aches in the body
  6. Maintained body weight and improved digestion
  7. Improved functionality of immune system
How to tape the mouth

It’s quite simple. You just have to tape your mouth to keep it shut while you sleep. It will force your system to use nose for breathing.

  1. Fold both ends of the tape to make it easy to rip off.
  2. Get a roll of tape instead of strips.
  3. If you get your tape off while sleeping and before waking up, it’s not something you should be disappointed about. The best way is to consult with your dentist to discuss the ways you could keep the tape to remain on the mouth until to rip if off after waking up.
Remember, the body performs well only if it is made to function in the natural way. Anything unnatural is only going to make it turn away from the health that you deserve. Hence, mouth taping while sleeping is going to make you breathe only from your nose, which is actually the ideal way of breathing.