Snow Invaders - Game Design
Programming, Animation
Game was commissioned in 2003, during my stage at Fabrica, by Benetton’s teenage clothing line The Hip Site, for the winter season. It was promoted through the web and in stores. I have design game logics together with the team, programmed the game in Flash AS2 and created animations.

Choose to be a snowboarder hero fighting against skiers or vice versa.
Shoot your opponents with snowballs.
Try to get some extra time and points.
After you score 8000 points be aware of kamikaze. There is no escape.
Shoot'em down those dirty killaz. You'll get Life +2000 points! My personal is 20500. Timeout.
Starting screen, choose to be a snowboarder or a skier
Shooting oscillating opponents with snowballs by pressing SPACE
Random targets pass horizontally. Hit them to earn extra bonus.
Horizontal target changes as you level up your score.
Snow Invaders

Snow Invaders