LJ's New Powered Elevation Headstock and Tailstock Welding Positioners

6,000 lbs Capacity Light-Duty Headstock Positioner
Introducing the 6,000 lbs load capacity Headstock welding positioner. The H6PS-100 has a turning torque of 50,000 lbs in-lbs, height adjustability range between 32"-72", a rotation speed between 0.1 rotations per minute (RPM) all the way to 3 RPM.

12,000 lbs Capacity Medium-Duty Headstock Positioner
Next is the H12PS-100 Headstock Welding Positioner. It has a load capacity of 12,000 lbs, turning torque of 125,000 lbs in-lbs, a height adjustability range between 42"-96" and rotation speed between 0.05 RPM and 2.2 RPM. 

24,000 lbs Capacity Heavy-Duty Headstock Positioner
Finally there's the H24PS-100 headstock welding positioner with a load capacity of 24,000 lbs. It has a turning torque of 250,000 in-lbs and height adjustability range between 42 and 96". It's rotation speed is between 0.05 to 1.2 RPM.

Matching powered synchronized tailstocks are available with the new Headstock line. Fully automated your headstock and tailstock by adding a welding manipulator or robotic welding system and reduce labor and rework costs, as well as improve shop safety today!
Power Elevation Headstock Positioner New Product Line