Depthcore - 'Mythic'
"One of our most thematic relevant Chapters ever, '' is the result of five months of careful planning, research and stylistic experimentation from the collective. The slow creative process has resulted in a Chapter that has been meticulously crafted, workshopped from sketches through to completed pieces, thoroughly taking advantage of the collaborative collective experience. Several of the pieces presented in this collection were composed over the course of several months, taking on board feedback from our artist base at each stage of completion to try and fully realize their full potential, and ultimately create a Chapter that is carefully considered, conceptualized and executed."

- Justin Maller, Creative Director, Depthcore.

Theology interested me the most when researching the theme we were given, especially egyptian theology and how much
of their culture was based upon the stars - gods, time, the calendar etc. Fascinating stuff, and overall a fascinating people. I mean they built the friggin pyramids!!! Anyway, i was going to take a direct approach and link straight in with the egyptians and their fascination with the night sky, but decided against it. It wasnt just the egyptians that studied the stars, we still do it today and I thought a more general approach, with subtle references to the egyptians would better suit. Overall I'm more interested in people's reactions and emotions when they look up at the sky and see a field of stars.
It amazes me everytime and probably a lot of you (or not). Either way...

Collaboration with Pete Harrison.
This image depicts the mythic figure Hera, whose breast milk formed the Milky Way. The mythic story depicted explores emotions too extreme for the body to contain, this hunter explores her image as a visual language and uses her body as subject to recast the myths.