30-day Creative Challenge proposed by The Futur

Brief: Create one design everyday for a month and post it on social media using the hashtag #thefuturchallenge, resulting in a 30-piece body of work. Because the aim is to create a body of work, all designs must be cohesive when placed together so there must be a theme and visual restrictions of sorts.
Challenge: I'm an Editorial / Layout designer so I decided to create a book cover every day depicting the stand out event, mood, moment or thought that themed my day. I also used a restricted colour palette and decided to only work with vector graphics - no photography. 
Outcome: I feel bitter-sweet that the experience is over because it was EXHAUSTING and STRESSFUL, yet pushed me so much creatively. I definitely feel like a better designer after completing this challenge.

The full concept behind each cover can be found in the caption of the relative image on my Instagram page.