The Anatomy of Me

This is how I experienced my creative journey in the subject Creative Development. 
Brief: Through a narrative create a portfolio which illustrates the journey you took throughout this subject
My Solution: Was to create an Anatomy Book where I used Skeletons to tell my story, the book was done in a Vintage Look.

To see my Journey scroll down and follow the Story.
When a student walks out of high school with great grades and expectations, walking into university is a shock. The "crown" I supposedly wore fell off and left me dried out. This is how the image below (Fractured) came to be. I felt like my whole world had just fallen apart and it had left me Fractured.
Further on in my creative journey, I needed to work in a group. I constantly felt like I had a headache, some sort of bashing. This was a wake up call to the reality of what has happened, like I had banged my head really hard causing a concussion. The Image below shows a Skeleton holding their head , this is a representation of me. Another half skeleton is behind "me" and is completely oblivious to the pain. 
I finally found it, my Backbone. I finally realized what I want to stand for in Life I grew a Backbone and felt like creativity was growing inside me once again.
At this point , I felt on top of the world. I felt superior. I released my inner creativity and felt like I was heading on a golden path. I felt like I was free and once more there was hope for me.
The skeleton below looks at a butterfly ... This was my eye opening project. I saw that despite people being so very different, you can still find things in Common. Our problems may not all be the same, but it doesn't make my problems bigger or smaller than yours. We are all equal.
Ever needed someone just to hold your hand when the world is turning against you? Well thats how I felt... I needed a helping hand someone just to be there for me. This point of the journey required me to completely change who I was and it completely broke me. The project left me Isolated and the people I thought that would be there for me weren't. 
I thought I could never get through my "Isolated" moment and that I would be alone forever... Like I would never be able to get out of that very dark place. But I did and I had a huge Breakthrough. I was even able to put my crown back on my head. I had found myself on my own and had realized what I needed in my life and what I did not.  
I learnt so much from this journey and despite there being bad and good parts of it I'm happy it happened. I hope that you can appreciate my skeletons and enjoy the view.