A curated list of typefaces on a simple-to-use platform that has been created by a designer for designers.


Frustrated by the lack of quality, online typography platforms that allow users to trial live fonts before purchasing. As an independent graphic designer, I am constantly searching for new tools and resources to use as part of the creative process. I, therefore created a design tool built specifically for designers. The goal of Niceface was to devise an experience that is engaging and authentic. I also wanted to establish an identity that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


I understand the challenges I face as a designer but it was important for me to carry out some research with other local designers to get a better understanding of their workflow and how I could integrate the Niceface platform. This helped me further understand how and why designers choose a specific typeface for any given project and highlighted the importance of fonts and how they can be used on the web.


‘Niceface’ is fresh, fun and friendly. The website is committed to delivering a simple and easy-to-navigate experience that offers a curated list of typefaces that can be tried and tested within the site. I created a new identity and used a novel name. I wanted the name to be different and decided it should be a take on the word ‘typeface’. Bold colours and good typography are at the heart of the brand and further reiterate the playful and approachable nature of the site.