2017 / Home Appliances
Designed by. Wanki Kim /  Ara Jo / Seunghee Seo / Soyeon Na / Nahyeon Park

Basically, I'm aware of that the conventional structure of refrigerator system can't suggest solutions to solve a dead space problem. Struggling with this chronic problem, I found that most people don't know how to use unoccupied spaces between shelves and food containers, and have finally discovered the way to make use of these dead spaces. Stacking vacuum sealed foods on the slide rack inside the refrigerator can reduce unnecessary dead space. Today, many people use vacuum sealing machine for food storage and store such sealed foods in a refrigerator. And for a more efficient use, I've come up with a totally new design which a vacuum sealing machine is combined with a refrigerator. As the vacuum sealing machine doesn't take up much space in a refrigerator, it is more convenient to use.


Outside air infiltration ZERO
ZERO provides a vacuum sealing function. Vacuum sealing prevents the strong smell of foods, like pickles or cheese, from pervading and keeps dried food and tea leaves which are sensitive to humidity fresh and crisp for a longer time. It also prolongs preservation period of food by preventing air, microorganism, or mold from penetrating into the food and stoping foods oxidation in a hygienic environment free from moisture, leakage, or harmful insect.
Besides, based in ZERO IoT smart home system, it enables an user to easily check the condition of a refrigerator. When food is vacuum sealed, it marks the best before date and transmits the type of food and its expiration date to smartphone so that an user could easily see the expiration dates with what foods he or she has got in a refrigerator for more efficient food storage as well as prevention of unnecessary grocery shopping.

Dead Space ZERO
It has been hard to make good use of dead space in the existing refrigerators. But ZERO Refrigerator is different. It ensures efficient use of refrigerator with zero dead space, which used to remain just empty, as it is possible to hang vacuum sealed containers in the unoccupied space above the lower bottles or containers, like sauces or dressings. Also, with the rack for vacuum sealed packs on each shelf, it is possible to make good use of all the empty spaces inside the refrigerator, simply by hanging or taking out.

Food to be abandoned ZERO
ZERO's IoT smart home system enables an user easily to check the condition of the refrigerator. Also when vacuum sealing food, it marks the best before date, and notifies an user of the expiration date in advance through an alert system by interoperating