The Doorpost Film Project
This site was designed by the Art Director at The Doorpost Film Project.

Target Audience: Filmmakers and related professionals - both professional and amateur.
General Requirements:
Site Features:
Main landing page of the site. Content varies based on the time of the year, topics for the year and whether the user is logged in or not.
Each of the contest topics has a landing page which contains a motion graphic about the topic, a listing of current films for the topic and a listing of current discussion threads on the topic.
This is an example of the '08 style film display page. The '08 film detail pages each contian a motion graphic for the topic the film represents, a tab for user comments on the film, reviews of the film and discussions about themes within the film. They also display the details about the film, including cast and crew.
The '09 style film page contains a different custom player which replaces the topic motion graphic and smaller player, adding the ability for the user to interact with their site preferences directly from the player. The player was designed by the Art Director at the Doorpost Film Project and built by myself in Flex. Additional features of the player include progress logging and integrated pre and post-roll videos.
Within the review section of each film display page, the user is given the ability to disagree or agree with any review posted, sharing their feedback through the common news feed to their connections.
Users have the ability to search the site for films and other users based on a variety of criteria. Users can interact directly with the paged search results without having to go to the film details.
User registration integrates javascript validation of required fields and takes the user through a two step process including uploading of a profile image which is sized appropriately by the server.
Users have the ability to access and edit all of their information and interact with other users of the site.  The site provides them with geographically based suggestions for potential collaborators and displays alerts and information specific to the user.
Each user is given the ability to choose a custom URL for their profile, which is publicly visible to all users of the site. If the user is a filmmaker or has participated in a film, their works are displayed on the profile page as well.
Users vote on the contest films. The voting mechanism varies with the specific requirements of the contest year - this particular example uses a voting block of 5 films which the voter must view completely and cast a vote on before any of their votes are counted. The progress indicator within the voting section is updated via javascript from the custom Flex-based player as the viewer watches the film.  It also enables them to continue watching from the point they last left off.
The site includes photo albums from major company events, including a custom Flex-based gallery viewer.