START21 is a new program run by Waterman that has been developed to give small business owners an understanding of the core principles that everyone must know in order to grow a sustainable business. The program explores these principles over 21 key steps throughout the duration of the course.

The START21 program has great content within the course and is delivered in an engaging way. Waterman approached Bless Designs to create a brand that communicates exciting content and speaks of the journey this program takes you on. The course has not been established for long and hence another requirement of the branding was to gain traction for the program and build a recognisable visual within the collateral produced.

Picking up on the idea that the START21 program is about taking businesses on a journey, we developed the branding around this. To avoid creating a brand that is dry and merely proffessional, Bless Designs approached the branding by introducing friendly illustrations. Within the illustrations, we tell a story of a journey which is engaging, memorable and exciting. This, together with beautiful typography, create a seemless experience to readers engaging with the START21 program.
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