Flying just for the fun of it!

You can try the early prototype for Paper Aviator 
 Paper Aviator is going to be my first Lone Game since being employed at sabertooth which is extremely exciting because i have a much better understanding of game Development,  Programming, and just what goes into and is required of me to make a great game .  

Paper Aviator is going to be an on-rails flight game inspired by the likes of starfox , panzer dragoon orta, and warioware but at its core I just wanted to make a fun on-rails game from scratch .  I will be coding it in C#, and this will be the first time I have deployed a game using untiy's web deployment tool .  I am extremely excited for this and  now that i have the core functionality working i look forward to building at least 1 level to demonstrate the game. so please stay tuned and i will definitely keep this project updated  ( unlike my poor Rabbid's' Revenge).
So this is my first Screenshot of Paper Aviator in just 2 days I have set up the pathing system for the camera so that I can move the player through the level using the waypoint system , . Currently The paper plane is controlled with the Up,Down,Left, and Right keys in this screen i have moved it over the the lower right.  and I also started developing the UI. I am using a separate camera to render the UI and currently it is displaying the Origami bird count as well as a rotating 3D origami bird image. 

It has been a blast developing the game so far and I have gotten the chance to implement several systems i never attempted before , please look out for more updates in the next few days!
Whew! so I created a test environment to check the pathing system and it works perfectly, increasing the number of nav points was as simple as changing the number of array elements and positioning the additional navigation points.  I also started positioning a few of the collectible origami birds. around the environment and am trying to get a good sense of how to best position these birds with respect to the cameras movement.   Still lots of work to do !