Ajyal Coffee
Saudi Arabia

Ajyal is a brand from the Arabian company Nukhbat AL Marabih focused in instant Arabic coffee.
The Challenge 
Through generations, Arabs have expressed their hospitality and generosity by serving Arabic coffee to their guests. Our main goal was to develop designs with shelf impact, using elements such as colors and shapes to enable easy differentiation between flavors and sizes. The packaging text should be in English and in Arabic, to provide easy understanding of the product.
The Solution 
We created a line of packaging for Ajyal Coffe, thinking about transforming the ritual of drinking coffee with your friends in a unique and special moment. For that, we used the colors present on the ingredients of the blend and we also focused on the figure of the Dallah and the mug. The Dallah draws attention by its organic form and its big presence in Arab culture. We understand the importance of emphasising the symbol of the Dallah, to the point of it being present in the Ajyal Coffee packaging.
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Ajyal Coffee