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    KitchenAid ad campaign targeted toward men.
May 2012

A KitchenAid ad campaign directed toward men.

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
"Not to sound over-dramatic, but it's basically like having a wood-chipper on your countertop. Only it's a wood-chipper that's small and sleek, with a 12-cup work bowl and a powerful induction motor. It's perfect for experimenting with ingredients, just don't take the wood-chipper thing too literally."
"This guy is equipped with a 7 Qt bowl, a commercial stand, and a 1.3 horsepower motor. The more horsepower the better, right? Right. It's our most powerful, best-performing, longest-lasting, quietest, and biggest motor. 14 dozen cooies? Over 8 lbs of dough? No problem."
"Stainless steel blades. A .9 horsepower motor. It may be more power than you need to make a smoothie, but when it comes to power tools, the stronger the better, right? We think so too."